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Arkadius Gross

Managing Director

Bartosz Balcerzak

Purchasing & Distribution

Igor Balcerzak

Goods Management

Key Facts about Zukunft Elektro GmbH

Founding of Zukunft Elektro GmbH

Zukunft Elektro GmbH was founded in 2003. The original goal was to serve the Polish market. I - Arkadius Gross - am a native Pole of German descent and am fluent in Polish. I have had also professional experience with clients from Eastern Europe and Russia. But there were changes to the political and economic landscape of Europe, and we adapted accordingly. At times we grew to meet the expectations of our customers, and at other times we were limited by various influences like the global economic crisis. In the constant search for new customers, we found them right on our doorstep in Dresden, Saxony, in wider Germany and also in Europe. Thanks to our flexibility, unlimited shopping options, friendly service and reliability, we have built and maintained long-term relationships with customers who know they can count on us. Times and circumstances may change, but you can still reach us with your valuable enquiries at our location in Dresden. We invite you to join us in pursuit of the future.


We have two different warehouses, one for electronics and smaller products, and another for large and bulky goods like pallets and diverse transformers, some weighing tonnes.

international & optimised for customers

  • We not only cater to regional and German customers, but also to an international clientele.
  • Our customers are from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, France and the Netherlands.
  • Every customer requires a special approach and we offer extreme flexibility in all areas. Our long-standing customers can confirm this and appreciate our high level of service.
  • Our shopping options are almost unlimited. Every request, no matter how difficult, presents us with a challenge to which we devote ourselves completely.
  • In partnership with us, customers can cover both short-term needs and long-term goals.
international & customer-focused

Relocation to larger premises

Due to the increasing number of customers, more employees and larger storage areas, we have moved to larger premises at the same address.

ISO certification

In 2012 our company received ISO 9001:2008 certification.

ISO certification

In 2018, Zukunft Elektro GmbH received ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Move to new premises in Kleinwolmsdorfer Straße 26 in 01477 Arnsdorf.


We provide support

In both car rally and mountain biking, drivers encounter the unexpected on the racing track – just like in business life! You never know what kind of new challenge, new topic, new customer you will meet. It is with great excitement that we look forward to meeting the challenge you will bring!

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Kleinwolmsdorfer Straße 26
01477 Arnsdorf


Phone / Fax

+49 35200 399982
+49 35200 399808

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